19,701 Hoosiers Recovering from COVID-19

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We thought it would be best to share some positive news surrounding COVID-19 in Indiana. Although there are no confirmed numbers the number of recovered patients, we thought it would be best to make some approximations on how many Hoosiers have recovered from the Corona-virus to give a moment of hope.

It is difficult to find accurate numbers surrounding recovered patients, likewise for percentages. Some organizations state 99.9% recovery, others 97%, but almost all are in agreement that over 90% of people who are infected with COVID-19 will recover. Some organizations have stuck to the actual number of reported recoveries/discharges, and that number is around 84%, but largely so because many are still in the process of recovery, and are not quite there yet.

Indiana has reported -
Positive Cases: 24, 627

If we use 80% and 90% as our percentages for the total number of recovered/discharged patients, we approximate 19,701 to 22,164 fellow Hoosiers have recovered COVID-19.

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