COVID-19 Possible Symptoms

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Recent autopsies and reports have made it known that the Corona-virus may be an even larger mystery than previously though. New syndromes have been attributed to Covid-19 that have doctors puzzled such as Blood clots, mutli-system organ failure, and "Covid toes."

Blood Clots - Reports from the University of Minnesota discovered undiagnosed deep vein thrombosis (abnormal blood clotting) in victims of the corona-virus in a hospital in Hamburg, Germany. These blockages have been found near the upper thigh, heart, and near the lungs.

Multi-system organ failure - Although Covid-19 is known as a respiratory virus, it has recently been known to shut down certain organs such as kidneys, the lining of blood vessels, and in some instances the brain and heart. This might be the reason for why blood clots have been found in some patients.

Covid toes - Swelling and coloring of toes (red/purple). Occasional red lesions on the sole of the foot. This symptom is less serious than the other two mentioned, but is still something to take into account.

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Be on the lookout for these symptoms and the rest!


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