Possible Russian Corona-virus Vaccine?

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As economies continue to shrink, cases of corona-virus continue to rise, and citizens grow impatient about not being able go outdoors, Russia claims to have the solution. Russia announced last Wednesday, that it has created a vaccine that is "safer than coming into contact with the corona-virus and the consequences of becoming ill with this infection."

Scientists, however, are very skeptical of these claims, seeing that the vaccine has yet to enter into the final stage, where only 10% of vaccines are found usable for the public. Russia defends its potential vaccine by claiming that the criticism that has gone its way is in large part due to groundless claims. Whether these claims of a vaccine are true or false, we hope that the US and its citizens fulfill their due diligence to be aware of the possible dangers that come with any vaccine. Source 1, Source 2, Source 3


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